“I enjoyed the ethnic diversity portrayed throughout the story. I loved the variety of names sprinkled across each page. Each list or wall littered with names included not only common Caucasian names like Jennifer and Michael, but Ishmael, Sadiq, Olga, Ashanti, Demetrius, Dao, and even names in Chinese and Arabic characters. *love* The embrace of many ethnicities and cultures is the true gem found here. That the rhyming text flows beautifully and the whimsical illustration makes you smile is simply icing on the cake.” -Joy, The Book Children

This is such a fun read-aloud book and perfect for leisurely re-reads. You’ll want to pick out all the fun names and details that Tina has peppered throughout. Wilma Lee Wu’s story speaks to diversity, but also that universal feeling we have at times of just not liking our names.” -Gina Perry, Picture Book Junkies

The book celebrates diversity and the need to be yourself all with stunning illustrations.” -Heather Eigler, Safeway Table Talk Blog



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