Art Projects

Art projects with names are a wonderful way to get acquainted at the beginning of the school year! These projects would also be great for a homeschool art lesson, library storytime craft project, or just a quiet afternoon at home.



Grades K-4

Materials needed: pencil, black permanent marker (such as Sharpie), wax crayon, watercolor

On a horizontal piece of white paper, students write the letters of their first name lightly in pencil, extending from top to bottom across the paper (see example). Mark a halfway point so letters are evenly spaced.

Next, have the students trace over their penciled letters with permanent black marker.


Students then fill in all of the negative space around the letters with patterns drawn in wax crayon. (see example) Press hard!
Emphasize using a variety of colors and patterns such as straight lines, curved lines, intersecting lines, zig zag, dots, circles, stars, spirals, etc.


Students then apply watercolor paint over patterned sections using a different color for each. Why doesn’t the watercolor paint stick to the crayon? Wax resist! (There’s a little science with your art!)


Mount completed projects onto black paper.

Customizable lesson plan and rubric to download:


This project also works great for the CUB SCOUT ART BELT LOOP:

(did you know illustrator Tina Kügler is a Cub Scout leader?)

1. List common materials used to create visual art compositions. (paper, pencil, marker, crayon, watercolor used in project)
2. Marker & crayon step: Use the following elements in your project: lines, circles, dots, shapes, colors, patterns. (6 from required list)
3. Watercolor step: Identify the 3 primary colors and the 3 secondary colors made by mixing them. Show how this is done, use primary & secondary colors to create a painting.

This project was adapted from Mrs. Picasso’s Art Room Blog. See more of her great Name Art Projects here!



This is a variation on the ever-popular Kandinsky Circles Art Project using letters from names.

Grades K-2

Materials needed: wax crayons, watercolor paint

Prep: Cut white paper into squares (2×2 or 3×3), students will need one square per letter of their name.

First, write letter in center of square (demonstrate size, will be somewhat small because of outside circles). Fill in to make letter chunky & thick, press hard with crayon for wax resist.


Next, draw 2 concentric circles around letter, also chunky & thick.

Use watercolors to fill in areas between circles and extend out to edges of paper. Encourage students to paint over wax for successful wax resist.


Mount letters horizontally or in 2 rows on black paper.



THE CHANGE YOUR NAME STORE also ties in with a number of fun multicultural art projects.
Below are links to some of our favorites:

African Collar Necklace from

14 World Music Instruments from recycled materials

And we have LOADS MORE on our Pinterest board!


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